Alex van de Sandt

About me

I'm a software engineer that specializes in systems programming and application development. Most of my projects are written in Rust, my favorite language.

In May of 2020 I graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Computer Science. I followed the Systems Programming and Programming Languages tracks. During my Junior year, I was a member of the Purdue Formula SAE team, on the electronics subteam. I built tools for working with the CAN bus that controls the race car and helped with the construction of the car's wiring harness. During my Freshman & Sophomore years, I was the Software Team Leader of the Purdue SIGBots VEX U Robotics team. I led a team of other Computer Science students in designing and implementing the control systems for the drivetrain, arm, and claw subsystems on the competition robot. I was also a member of the Purdue Robotics Operating System dev team, the only free/libre development platform for the VEX Cortex and V5 microcontrollers.

Download my Resume here (pdf).


  • Rust
  • C
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Java
  • Bash
  • Python
  • Markdown
  • LaTeX


  • Daily Driver: Lenovo ThinkPad E595
  • OS: Linux
  • Distro: Arch
  • WM: sway
  • Editor: neovim
  • Shell: Zsh or Nushell
  • Terminal: kitty
  • Colorscheme: Solarized

Work Experience


During the summer of 2019, I worked at Honeywell's software development center in Atlanta, Georgia, on the Connected Aerospace team. I was working on an Agile team developing the user-facing webapp for Honeywell's 4D flight planning engine, GoDirect Flight services. I gained experience in Node.js and React while making additions to the backend APIs and the user interface.

Click here to read more about my experience and some of the projects I worked on at Honeywell.

Clear Software

During the summer of 2017, I worked as an intern at Clear Software, a small startup in my hometown of Zionsville, Indiana that creates automation for enterprise platforms such as Oracle, SAP, and others. I primarily customized instances of the software to the needs of clients using Django templates. I also developed an interface in Python that would allow the product to connect to generic HTTP systems. Through my work at Clear, I gained experience in python development and frontend design. I also learned a lot about the Agile method and working with clients to gather requirements.

IMS Productions

For the past three summers (2016-2018), I have traveled to several IndyCar races to work for IMS Productions, which broadcasts the events on NBC and ESPN. I was contracted as a utility worker, and my duties involved assiting the fiber crews in running their fiber optic lines around the tracks and placing and refuelling generators throughout the facilities for the trackside cameras. I also worked on the pit lane during the races either holding the "jerk cam" (portable monitor) for the pit reporters or managing batteries for the handheld cameras. During the 2017 and 2018 runnings of the Indianapolis 500, I worked in the Timing and Scoring room of the famous Pagoda, where I was assisted with the pre- and post-race programs. I had many opportunities to network and meet with engineers, mechanics, and officials around the paddock and learn more about the sport and IndyCar operations.